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Hello, I am Riccardo Pezzuolo, and I work as Managing Director at Togada.

I like to think of myself as a storyteller who has moved into the business world, working across advertising and communications with a particular interest in the social and sustainable sectors. Having studied and worked in the media sector for over 12 years, I am accustomed to the creative industries and love to collaborate with entrepreneurs, designers, video makers, photographers, and all other kinds of artists and creative minds. Alongside working at Togada, I like to pass on the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to gain, such as teaching English to foreigners, providing consultancy in entrepreneurship and creativity management practices to university students, and sometimes being a judge at dragons dens and start-up trade fares.  To no one's surprise, I also still like to write stories and stare out of windows.

From its Latin root, the word “magnanimous” means person with a great soul, a kind soul that outreaches the boundaries of his or her body and creates positive change. I believe that some companies have a soul, something that cannot be measured by their amount of followers, customers, or cash in the bank. These companies have a soul because they create positive change in the communities and environment they are in. They are what we at Togada call the Good Companies, and they are the kind of clientele whom we wish to promote.

I was blessed with the opportunity to co-found Togada four years ago, and, since then, we have worked with all kinds of companies, learning the profession of creativity in the field, working on video ads, brands, photography shoots, graphics, and other kinds of visual communication. At Togada, we promote the Good Companies so their souls can touch more people via our creative communication expertise. We are a group of artists, creatives, strategists, and entrepreneurs who want to help Good Companies succeed in whatever field they choose.

Togada, we can make a difference.

Togada Studio