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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Beth Moon: the photographer who captures archaic nature and the power of the cosmos

About the artist

American-born photographer and author Beth Moon is known for her love of ancient nature, landscapes, and the environment. She’s spent the last 14 years capturing photographs of the world’s rarest and oldest trees. Her astounding projects Diamond Nights and Island of the Dragon’s Blood have been a return to spending more time outdoors. When Moon found out that an old Oak tree she had photographed was struck by lightning, she realised that strong and resilient old trees are also very vulnerable. This gave her the determination to find and photograph more old trees and capture their battle against the forces of nature.

Diamond Nights and Island of the Dragon’s Blood

Humans’ relationship with the wild plays an important role at defining Moon’s work. She travelled across the most remote parts of the world to discover and capture marvels that haven’t been touched by humans for generations.

She discovered baobab trees intertwined with barren buildings and divided leadwood trees across dry land. Each work is named after the constellation above the tree in the night sky. She uses a duotone technique (black and white filter) to express the age of the trees and highlight their beautiful texture.

World’s rarest and oldest trees

Her photos aim to more than just capturing the trees’ age; they also highlight the correlation of tree growth to celestial movements and astral cycles.

[...] energies inside the earth are transmuted and transmitted into the cosmos by the trees, so the trees are like antennas, senders, and receivers of earth energies and stellar energies.

David Milarch, founder of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. There have been many research studies regarding the relationship of the cosmos and trees. For example, researchers have found trees grow faster when high levels of cosmic radiation reach the earth’s surface especially moon and planet radiation. These discoveries remind us that we are all connected, not just to earth, but also to the universe. They also remind us that no matter how majestic nature is, it stands on a constant equilibrium in-between life and death: a fragile balance worth keeping alive in our memories, as well as in the real world. To see her portfolio, check out her Instagram and her website. Visit her website and find the nearest galleries to see these wonders for yourself. For a quick glimpse give a look to these two albums below.

Diamond Nights

Island of the Dragon's Blood

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