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We are back!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Good Businesses always have a comeback. Welcome us back.

Togada is back, fresher than ever

We are Togada and we are back with sensational new content to post. We have original blog articles, handy tricks to living a sustainable lifestyle, and striking visual arts lined up for you to enjoy.

Who's Togada?

For those who are new to us, we are professional creatives and we take pride in turning complex ideas into simple messages, without demeaning the client’s identity.

All of our team of photographers, videographers and animators give our clients outstanding results tailored to them. We use storytelling techniques in our visual arts that will be worth remembering. Storytelling is the best way to convey emotion and we know this is the best way to connect to audiences.

Togada Studio aims to contribute to communities’ enrichment and well-being, and accelerate the evolution to a sustainable and environmentally friendly society by providing great visual communication.

Riccardo Pezzuolo, Co-founder.

Join the Journey

This upcoming year and beyond, we will be working with a lot of exciting people and we would love you to join us too. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as subscribing to our YouTube Channel and our Vimeo. Togada stand for together so join us in this journey… Togada.

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